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In this article, we tap into how AI could be augmenting, changing design processes, and how architects and other professionals are responding and incorporating these technological advancements into their design work. What kind of innovation can AI bring to this industry, and what has been experimented with so far? This selection of projects can help form an opinion on the architectural application of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with the development of systems able to perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. The technology is advancing at a high pace, and it shows great potential for implementation across many fields. AI brings along opportunities that would radically change the existing workflow within the architecture profession. Although for now, the progress manifests itself at the fringes through research projects, art and cross-pollination between different study fields, it might not be long before this body of work reaches a critical mass, thus penetrating main-stream design workflow. Whether we are talking about well-established architecture practices, tech startups, architects with backgrounds in computer science, the following series illustrates the advent of AI in architecture. View more View full description
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