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Contrary to what we might believe, hearing loss is not always congenital, but could sooner or later happen to any of us. According to the WHO, almost a third of people over 65 suffer from debilitating hearing loss. Yet from a certain perspective, hearing loss could be considered more of a 'difference' than a 'disability'. Although the spatial demands of people with hearing disabilities are not as noticeable as spaces for the blind or for those who experience reduced mobility, the reduction of hearing capacity does entail a particular way of experiencing the environment. Is it possible to enhance this experience through interior design? According to the World Health Organization, around 5% of the world population - approximately 466 million people - is diagnosed with what they call 'disabling hearing loss'. Although this statistic is divided into different degrees of hearing incapacity, partial or total (hearing loss or anacusis), the overall percentage is characterized by hearing loss greater than 40dB for adults and greater than 30dB for children, with the majority of people suffering from this disability concentrated in low and middle-income countries. View more View full description
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