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Where and how we work has transformed for many designers after the outbreak of COVID-19. With an estimated 900 million people around the world to remain at home, more people have begun working remotely to prevent the virus from spreading. As one of the largest design, engineering and planning firms in the world, SOM operates across timezone and locations. In this interview, Managing Partner Carrie Byles outlines SOM's approach and how other designers and firms can work better remotely. SOM is a global practice with many offices and diverse teams. How is SOM set up to work collaboratively and utilize technology for digital work? Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at SOM – working remotely is just another tool in our toolkit. For decades we’ve realized work using virtual working technologies – one of the earliest examples was our work on the Hajj Terminal in Jeddah in the 1980s, which we designed using early digital technology, working across oceans with teams in Jeddah, Chicago, and New York. Fast forward to today, and we’re more networked than ever, with seamless digital collaboration between our offices and teams located on nearly every continent. View more View full description
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