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Located on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg, Swedish architect duo Mikael and Fanny Ellsinger has completed their first project – their own home consisting of an aluminium box, supported by 17 super-slim columns which are cast into almost one-metre deep holes drilled in the granite. The uneven site has been left untouched, the reddish granite creating a stage for the startling building. The roof rests on the outer walls and three wooden pillars in the centre of the building. The house was a chance for the couple to test out techniques they don’t normally get to try out in client projects. Above all, the rational and functional have had an impact on both the exterior and interior. The aluminium panelled facade is low maintenance and perfect for its exposed position by the Kattegat sea. The shiny surface reflects the sky and changes character depending on the weather. From cold blue in the morning to warm and golden in the evening.  View more View full description
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