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Warsaw-based FAAB studio envisioned a mixed-use development that enhances its own environment, while involving its inhabitants in the process. In fact, the prototype architectural intervention aims to give tools for people to control and manage the changing climate. Involved in projects in Poland and worldwide, FAAB studio created a building that responds to a new type of urbanity, where technology and biotechnology will help people “have the habitat they need and like to have”. Imagined in a dense fabric, the structure will accommodate a multitude of functions including retail, office, hotel, and residential spaces. With basic features like “harvesting electricity from the sun, lowering the building's energy demand, and the geometry of the facade creating shade where needed”, the Vertical Green Oasis Building is a prototype structure that aims to adapt to its context and achieve eco-goals. Setting new standards for sustainable design, the development’s main goal is to “change the environment in the vicinity of the building while making inhabitants of the building involved in the process”. View more View full description
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