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Building surveys are one of the staples of the early stages of any architectural project. Although this task is commonly now outsourced to specialist surveyors for larger projects, especially in the new BIM world, smaller schemes such as residential renovations and extensions can still require an architect’s surveying tools. With that in mind, we have created a list of specific considerations and tips for measuring interior spaces. Equipment for Measuring Before attending the site, make sure to include the following essentials (courtesy of Studio Craft and Technique): Tape measure 2mm lead clutch pencil Fine pens in two colors Eraser Sketchbook Camera A4 Clipboard Tracing Paper Grid-line paper Calculator Ruler Compass Laser pointer Spirit level String Tape recorder Phone Also ensure you obtain any OS map of the site that shows the building, as this can allow you to orientate interior spaces to consider sunlight angles, views, and planning issues. View more View full description
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