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This three-story retreat house is located in Yeoju, a suburban city of Seoul, and was designed for a successful scientist and CEO of the famed company. The tract of land is large, but had a comparatively small buildable area. The site sits on a hillside, which is surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. Accordingly, the owner particularly sought to have a more open and spacious living/kitchen area. The required program zones are set to being more private as you go farther upward:  a family interactive zone on the 1st floor, with the private zones on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The design was initiated by juxtaposing all living spaces linearly in an east-west direction to obtain a good amount of sunlight and the best views for every individual space. In response to the owner’s requests, the design was developed with a geometrical composition by utilizing two-dimensional walls and three-dimensional volumes to interact, to accommodate, and to be flexible; yet ambiguous spaces blur demarcated boundaries of each space and to obtain a more spacious living environment. On the first floor, the outdoor decks are placed on the north and south sides of the living/dining room area for more spacious and interactive space.  An interesting concept was introduced during the process.  Instead of placing a garage space on the side of a marginal space with a blocked view, the garage space was intervened into two discrete zones: the living room area and the guest bedroom suite. View more View full description
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