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The plastic membrane of the structure serves as a medium for hosting collective interventions or simply moments of relaxation, such as a small concert, games or collective drawings, thus encouraging the social as a form of interaction. In this way, the inflatable structures behave like organisms capable of awakening the restlessness of the passer-by due to their lightness, materiality and surprise effect, characteristics that guarantee a sensorial experience propitiated by the environment and the public space. An atmosphere foreign to the urban space in which it is located, which produces the dissociation between the scale of the city and of a domestic area. Through this sequence of interventions, we intend to promote the use of public space for the neighbours and the children. This actions took place in Plaza de Callao (on 03/23/2019), Plaza de Matadero (from 03/09/2019 to 03/10/2019) and in Patio Cal Comte de la Cova (from 07/03/2019 to 07/03/2019), where we visualize available spaces that are temporarily qualified for use and enjoyment. View more View full description
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