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Color-tunable lighting is an exciting and relatively new lighting technology that allows users to control the color of light anytime after installation and attune lighting to individual preferences or specific application needs. Why does this matter? Contrary to popular belief, sunlight is not yellow. Sunlight is blue. And it’s the bright blue hue of daylight – not yellow – that helps you wake up and go about your day. Here’s how. When blue sunlight arrives in the morning, it triggers a sharp rise in blood pressure and the production of cortisol, a natural steroid. At the same time, it tells your body to stop secreting melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Blue light keeps working throughout the day to increase one’s ability to focus, enhance reaction times and elevate mood. By the time sunset arrives, you’re slowing down not only because you’re tired, but also because that energizing blue light is slowly fading away, becoming warmer and losing intensity. View more View full description
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