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The house is located in the northwest sector of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The neighborhood stands out for its good environmental quality, its residential and open character, plots between party walls and houses of up to two levels. The house resumes two concepts of our culture: the courtyard and the party wall. Elements that constitute a strong cultural tradition in our cities, so we decided to highlight party walls as "continuous elements"; and courtyards as "binding gaps", and organize around them the spaces of the house. The spaces were structured in a sequence of “courtyards and uses”, from the most public to the most private ones. There is a first courtyard, the garden, which is followed by the space for a barbecue and a double garage. There is a second courtyard prior to entry of the house. And there is a third, more private, courtyard that integrates the living-dining room with the bedrooms linked by circulations in the party walls: one with a library program and another with a staircase that connects to a studio-atelier that faces the dining room. View more View full description
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