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The AI & Architecture at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris, France was scheduled to be open for the past couple of months, showcasing work by Stanislas Chaillou on generative design and machine learning. However, due to the global pandemic, people were able to virtually explore the ideas through a series of interviews and a virtual tours. The work explored current scales of experimentation: plans, elevations, structures and perspectives in which AI could already make a contribution, whether real or speculative. The lecture and exhibition was a collaboration between Stanislas Chaillou, Architect and Artificial Intelligence researcher, with Bastien Dolla, cofounder of habx, and Anders Kvåle, cofounder and president of Spacemaker. As the team outlines, artificial intelligence (AI) has already spread to a number of industries and disciplines, giving them the means to face new challenges and enabling operations that used to be too complex. Its use in architecture is still in its first steps, but the first results are promising, showing the way to many new possibilities. The virtual exhibition took visitors through the main stages of an evolution that started from the studies on Modularity, Computer-aided Design (CAD), Parametrics and, finally, Artificial Intelligence.  View more View full description
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