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Glen Iris House comprises alterations and additions to an existing double-fronted, brown-brick-veneer home set on an East-West oriented suburban quarter-acre block. Due to close proximity of the existing Northern neighbour, we sought northern orientation via clerestory glazing, resulting in a series of light and bright spaces. Deep eave overhangs protect from rain ingress and strategically cast shade in summer while welcoming sunlight during the cooler months. A sizeable kitchen with adjacent open plan-play area forms the new centre of the house, designed to fulfil the needs of a professional chef & her growing family. Existing floor & site levels lent themselves to the introduction of split-level stair leading up from main living areas to children's attic-style bedrooms. Downstairs, a separate bedroom and living area offers respite for teenage & elder family members. The family-focused design offers plenty of playful spaces for children to enjoy. The house welcomes the outside inside and manages its West-facing garden with a series of new adjustable screens. Operable louvred screens can be opened or closed to enable family members to selectively embrace, filter or rebuff the afternoon rays of sunlight. View more View full description
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