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The site of the Gugidong House is surrounded by buildings on all sides, except where it is flanked by a large stone reinforcement wall along its backside. Because the extant ground floor lacked conditions for natural ventilation or lighting, the focus of the project shifted towards optimizing the top floor, comprised of a large outdoor deck and one small room. Unburdened by perimeter walls the deck allows those who find their way to it to enjoy the full panoramic view towards Bukhan Mountain. At the same time, its clear PVC sheet roofing allows the surrounding forest scenery and sunlight to extend deep indoors. Underneath the PVC sheet, a layer of expanded metal breaks and shatters the incoming sunlight.  The organization of the house revolves around the specific requests of its clients. There are three bedrooms: one for a couple, and the remaining two for their children. Each is placed side by side on the second floor, allowing for all three rooms to share a common uninhabited view towards the mountain.Also requested by the couple was a private bath, reflecting their future prospects for investing in the residence in the long run. View more View full description
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