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Unbot Inc. a web marketing business specializing in Greater China, centering on domestic and cross-border e-commerce stores and SNS operations in China. They relocated their Shanghai branch office to increase operational efficiency and organizational strength by increasing the number of employees accompanying business expansion. Unbot have formulated a tag line called of the new office is “unbot Society 5.0”. Unbot's new office space that aims to achieve both economic development and the resolution of social issues by using a system that highly integrates virtual and reality. In addition to  Improving health and convenience of office worker. The new office, designed to combine virtual and reality, is a space where all employees can easily create natural and high-quality communication. In every area, we made all efforts to encourage external communication regardless of employees. This place emphasizes the “experience” of customers who come to the company, and through the office can see and experience unbot's corporate culture, business structure, and connections with customers. Unbot enjoys working with employees and customers on economic development and solving social issues, and will continue to take on new challenges outside the framework of established ideas.   View more View full description
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