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Adolfsbergsskolan is an innovative school building combining an ambitious pedagogical program and high standards for climate smart construction. The school is built as a passive house that fulfills the IGPH international standard. It requires a design free from thermal bridges and a building with an advantageous form factor (the relationship between the enclosing area and floor area). The building of 8100 m2 is designed for 660 students from grade five to nine. It is situated in a new city district, Alsike Nord, that is currently under development along the railway connecting Stockholm and Uppsala. The building is placed into the upper part of a slope leading towards the future railway station and center of the area. The main entrance connects the street side of the building to a courtyard with wide stairs leading down towards the school yard in south-west. In the northern part of the building there is a corresponding inner-atrium with similar wide stairs, designed for sitting, where the whole school can gather. The wide staircase connects the three levels of the school; the public facilities and cluster for creative subjects and science on the entrance level, classrooms for grades 5-6 on the lower level and classrooms for grades 7-9 on the upper level. View more View full description
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