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With 150m², the project brings a complete, fully integrated house, consisting of living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, in an enveloping environment, marked by polychrome and arched openings, which frame the balcony and are repeated in the furniture and decorative elements, impacting visitors. Outside, the residence features a completely shady courtyard, all covered in concrete slabs by “Mosarte Revestimentos”, ornamented by a Bamboo garden. The surprise is when the visitor enters the house and is faced with a completely opposite environment, marked by vivid colors such as deep green, analog blue, in addition to earthy tones and their variations, colors based on the modernist palettes created by Le Corbusier, that delimit the integrated environments. In addition to being present on the balcony, the shape of the arches, so common in classic buildings, is also present in the furniture - all designed by the professional himself and executed by “Dunelli” - and in the decorative details, which, together with the colors give the identity to the space and bring the sophistication and the welcoming feeling that a residence needs to have. “All spaces were designed to meet your basic needs. No excesses, except for the colors”, explains the architect Léo Shehtman, emphasizing that the monochrome of each environment is broken in a subtle and elegant way by the decorative elements chosen for the place. View more View full description
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