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On a large and with a slight drop land, in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by green, a single-family house was planned where the design prevails in every detail and its functionality accommodates to the client’s need. Developed on a single floor, practicality, austerity and flexibility are the main components of the proposal, materialized through simple lines and pure forms. As for its implantation and morphology, the L-shaped plant was designed with the aim of framing the existing carob tree in the courtyard so that it could be part of the house. The large exposed concrete beams that extend from house slab make the tree limit, emphasizing the importance it has in the social and private spaces. A longitudinal and pure wall highlights the entrance of the house and its imposing rusty veneer door. Then, the social area together with a toilet and a living-dining room with the veneer grill opens completely towards a covered gallery through aluminum windows doors, being the intermediate space between the interior and the external patio. A sliding door made of sheet metal that blends with the lining of the interior walls leads to the morphological and functional articulation scape of the house. View more View full description
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