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ArchDaily and IE School of Architecture and Design would like to invite you to join this outstanding online masterclass by Charrisse Johnston, currently Principal and Co-Founder of StudioSALT.  Have you ever wondered why certain designs last the test of time, while others turn out to be fads? Or questioned how colors can actually create biological responses, such as hunger or sleepiness? Designers are learning from neuroscientists how the physical environment can improve overall health and wellbeing, but also spur healthier behaviors and support neurodiversity. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Columbia Business School, with a BA in Behavioral Sciences and an MBA in Management and Marketing, Charrisse Johnston was a Wall Street strategic planning executive before turning to interior design. She is currently Principal and Co-Founder of StudioSALT, a new architecture, interior architecture, and design strategy firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. View more View full description
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