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Labor gives rise to design. As the aggregate of physical and mental effort used in the creation of goods and services, labor is tied to both what we create and our process. In a field shaped by production, architecture and design depend on labor from a broad range of professionals. But as workers increasingly put in longer hours and traditional measures of security change, questions of labor practices have arisen amid broader conditions of contemporary work culture.  The Architecture Lobby is one organization founded to advocate for better labor practices. Launched in 2013 by architect and academic Peggy Deamer, it is an organization of "architectural workers advocating for the value of architecture in the general public and for architecture work within the discipline." The Lobby begins by identifying designers as workers and their contributions as “work”—work that is "aesthetic, technical, social, organizational, environmental, administrative, fiduciary, but in all cases, work." Their manifesto targets a range of topics, from labor laws, fees and services to wage transparency, in an effort to address precarious work conditions.  View more View full description
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