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The City Council of Perm, the planning commission, and members of the public gave their approval for a wHY-designed theater at the center of a major cultural revitalization initiative, led by the city’s mayor. The project will be a collaboration between wHY’s New York office and Buildings Workshop, and wHY’s Landscape Workshop, in order to generate a landmark for the emerging arts district. Located on a geological outcrop where the city meets the valley, the design will “reincorporate both the river and the landscape into the city’s cultural identity, creating a flowing, dynamic space that places art and nature at the center of urban life”. With a very defined strategy for the Perm’s theater, the architects plan to “explode the existing typology of the closed-off theater structure, creating a building which is porous and open to all, with views of the city on all sides”, envisioning a monumental cultural landmark for the arts that extends to the park. View more View full description
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