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Abruzzo Bodziak Architects (ABA) designed British clothing brand maharishi’s first store outside of London. The flagship store is situated in New York City’s landmarked Tribeca neighborhood, in a loft building on Lispenard Street, running between Broadway and West Broadway. The two level store is a building-within-a-building: the project preserves the space’s historic details by placing the new shop inside the existing interior, floating within it. “We left the existing space, with its historic façade and ceiling — as a found condition,” says architect Gerald Bodziak. “This highlights, by contrast, the new, olive green shop inserted within." A grid of wood cabinetry defines the insertion, marking out two levels: halfway through the space, a mezzanine levitates above the shop, creating an intimate room upstairs. This doubling (above/below; within/without) is a prominent theme inspired by maharishi’s perennial dualistic play with East/West, Nature/Technology, and Camouflage/Hi-Vis. View more View full description
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