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Gökçeada High School Campus consists of a high school, a vocational school, a dormitory, a sports center, a conference hall, and a library. The campus is situated on Gökçeada Island in Aegean Sea. PAB Architects won the architectural competition in 2014 and the realized design is in use by 2019. The design of the campus proposes an alternative, innovative and participatory learning environment which puts the student in a central role. The main aim of the project is to create an 'open campus' by an integrated life between educational-social spaces of the school and the urban environment. Being on an island, the town is an isolated settlement with limited resources. Having townspeople to share the library, conference hall, sports center, cafeteria, and open air facilities together with the students both enables an efficient use of limited resources as well as creating a rich social interaction. The campus is planned not only to serve students, but all islanders, to be integrated with the urban life to overcome the lack of social facilities on the island. View more View full description
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