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Xiadi Paddy Field Bookstore of Librairie Avant-Garde is located in the north side of Xiadi Village, Pingnan, Fujian, surrounded by paddy fields. The building was a long-abandoned local residence, with three rammed earth walls that remained intact and a few dilapidated courtyard walls at the time the architect arrived. Most part of the new construction is hidden inside the remnants of the old house and so it seems as if nothing has happened from the outside, demonstrating great respect for the history of the local area and the overall natural landscape of the village. The remnants serve as a container that wraps around the new construction, which is made of concrete and steel, forming a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional. Internally, two kinked concrete walls form the main structure of the building, while two cantilevered floor slabs spread throughout the space and connect with the rammed earth walls at the corners, providing structural stability. Edges of the floor slabs are detached from the rammed earth wall to let light in through the skylight. View more View full description
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