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For centuries, earthquakes have been an inevitable phenomenon that bring destruction and devastation all around the world and we aren’t any more prepared or equipped to deal with them than we used to be. This is a worldwide issue and although some countries like Japan are better prepared with the proper infrastructure to deal with these disasters, still many countries remain that are powerless in the face of these disasters. Countries like Iran, Indonesia and Turkey which are some of the countries that are most prone to earthquakes but don’t have the necessary infrastructure to minimize the damages. One of the most recent examples of these catastrophic earthquakes is the one that happened in Kermanshah, Iran and another one of the most destructive ones was the 2003 Bam earthquake both of which resulted in severe loss of life and devastation during and after they happened. Calamities like these happen all around the world frequently and cost the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people, yet no major solutions have been put forward. View more View full description
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