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Jaeger Kahlen Partner is one of the joint winners of the international competition for the Bao’An Bay Industrial Investment Tower in Shenzhen, China. With a distinctive design approach, the landmark building will generate modern office spaces and enhance the surrounding urban fabric. Located in a neighborhood under development, with easy access to the Shenzhen Bao’An International Airport and the cities along the Pearl River Delta, the office building is a “set of shifting volumes that break the tower into a series of terraced stacked urban blocks”. Adding pedestrian green spaces and a new bus terminal, the project will improve the urban context and offer a new experience in the city. With height restrictions of 150 meters, imposed by the proximity to the airport, the architects proposed a design that “breaks the monolithic building mass into a series of several smaller volumes that shift in and out to integrate better the tower into the scale of the site surroundings”. Jaeger Kahlen Partner has designed a composition of shifting volumes, a cascade of terraces and cantilevers. View more View full description
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