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The “Estudio Trigo” rescues the return to the origins. It's a place of wellness, comfort, and practicality where he can reunite with his inner self. Our studio features the figure of the young, healthy, independent chef who grows his own food and considers his kitchen as a place for relaxing, nurturing relationships, and winding down. Our studio features the essentials: a cozy kitchen, a large suite and an integrated bathroom, exposing the roughness of rough stone as its main attraction. It is the countryman within the city, where the house will not only have the function of living, but will represent the pride and achievement of being a home. One of the biggest challenges was bringing breadth to the place that has a wall dividing the space in two. The wall made it difficult to understand the design completely, blocking the perspective of the bedroom and prevented a good angle of photo. View more View full description
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