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How to integrate education and commerce, which seem to be incompatible functions in one land efficiently? Presently, in the development of high-density coastal cities in China, excessive development of lands for commerce and office, etc, often occurs. At the same time, a shortage of land for schools and other educational facilities occurs. We try to digest the sizes of complex projects by putting schools and training in them, encourage sharing and improve efficiency by restructuring functions, aiming to make educational spaces more open and diversified. LocationGuangzhou Yun Shang Shu is located in IBD, Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou. Based on the judgment of the commercial market, the client thinks that a mall with simple functions is not the best answer for the development of the district, and hopes to integrate corporate diversified development strategy and to probe the way to utilize the space more diversely and more efficiently by combining education with related functions and commerce. View more View full description
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