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This design is for a "share salon" used by beauticians working as freelancers who lack their own beauty salon. Today, as the sharing economy is becoming normalized and a variety of different ways of working are being created, a lifestyle that is less oriented around ownership is also gradually becoming more common. For freelance beauticians, not owning your own shop has many benefits, such as more financial freedom, an increase in free time, and the ability to choose to work at your own discretion. However, it also means that you must acquire your own clients. Yokohama has a culture of leaving reinforced concrete buildings erected in the 1920s, numerous wooden Western-style homes, and other Western-style buildings from over a century ago standing while seeing active use. We considered design for a space that, while a "shared salon" intended for new purposes, would fit comfortably into a neighborhood that retains its retro feel. View more View full description
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