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Chicago presents itself as a broad-shouldered, cold-surfaced, and vascular city plopped in the heart of the American Midwest. All seemingly brought back into scale by its various public transportation and infrastructural systems. Within the confines of the crevasses of the bustling metropolis goes the unseen networks; whether they be physical, non-physical, or emotional habits that the new generation of live/workforce is tuned to. BEYOND UNSEEN: From mundane to contemporary opportunism Using the city of Chicago as a vehicle of architectural speculation and representative form, the city is recognized as a dense set of layers considering both the individuals and their physical-emotional makeup, and the built/natural environment with which they interact. In this series of drawings, we attempt to utilize the axonometric drawing method, often underutilized in architectural speculation and more suited for pragmatic uses, to convey our ever-present emotions tied to everyday spaces of Chicago. Moreover, to illustrate how the functional experience of contemporary society can capture people’s hidden motivations, desires, and expectations in its architecture. Scales will shift from the individual to the city and infrastructural scale in hopes to derive new space making through unveiling of emotions that mixes the unseen with real surfaces of the city. View more View full description
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