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About 100 years have passed since renowned Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg designed the Gasworks of Stockholm. A prestigious project with powerful architecture of brick and granite, but also of delicate embellishment. Today the production of gas has vacated the premises and the Gasworks are becoming the cultural centre of one of Europe’s largest urban developments: The Stockholm Royal Seaport. The two large gasometers still dominate the cityscape and at their base, as part of the Gasworks linear and production based structure, the new Bobergskolan has been neatly fitted, designed to be a comprehensive school for 900 students from the ages of six to 15.  The school consists visually of three buildings. A fourth volume is hidden beneath the school yard, connecting the entire school on a souterrain level. The facades are clad in an expressive Danish brick, with a neutral grey colour and has numerous brick details and patterns, reflecting the expressive brick ornamentation of the Gasworks’ existing brick buildings. A large part of Bobergsskolan is situated below ground, in a steep slope, where the school bridges the difference in level between the Gasworks and Hjorthagen.  View more View full description
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