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Located in the area of Futako-Tamawa, Tokyo, the multitenant building stands in the alleyway called, the "Yanagi-koji". The site, a joint of 3 separate plots, reflects a traditional characteristic of the area. The building incorporates this characteristic where each floor is occupied by 3 different restaurants. A corridor is set in the center of the building with staircases located at both the front and back of the building creating an alley-like access route within the building. The main structure is made of wood. Instead of using laminated timber as commonly done, untreated timber slats are stacked and screwed together to create large columns and beams. Though the idea of bundled timber slats seems simple, the rough and raw materiality of wood has a powerful aesthetic presence, reflecting back at traditional Japanese architecture and acknowledges the characteristics of the town. An architects' wish is to create a building that will be loved throughout the generations. In order to endure the change of interior and exterior, and to continue to be used beyond the age, we thoroughly pursued how the bones of the building should be. View more View full description
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