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Sava Activities is an on-going public urban design project aiming to reintroduce the riverbanks of Zagreb’s Sava River to the daily life of the city. Initiated as a competition proposal in 2015, the project had been developed around the flood related characteristics of the river. Unlike the other European capitals which are established around a river, Zagreb’s urban growth had been formed with a tendency to move away from Sava.  As the wildest branch of Danube, Sava River historically had harmed and destructed Zagreb, but now regulated with the construction of the embankment; its riverbanks carry the potential to be rethought as vital urban spaces of Zagreb. Due to increasing water levels which occur several times a year, no permanent structure or object can be placed on the riverbanks. Under the main theme of the competition topic of “Adaptable City”, the project focused on revitalizing the 7 km long riverbank area through ephemeral programmatic injections to experiment the inclusion of this waterfront public space to the city, enhancing the east-west connection through the river.  View more View full description
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