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Istanbul has been bursting with specialty coffee shops, and one of the brands leading this charge is Petra Roasting Co. Becoming very popular shortly after opening up their first location, Petra Team partnered with Geo_ID for a striking space in the vibrant business district in Maslak which would represent flourishing identity of Petra Roasting Co. and a new generation of coffee in Istanbul. Focusing on raising the same sensations rather than having a design code in previous locations, the design brief of the fifth branch was challenging the interiors for the first time; creating a space that would emerge with its architectural language despite the unfavorable volume of the venue. Located under the main staircase of the home furnishing department store, and with just 46 square meters to play with, Geo_ID created a bold/geometric structure that stands out rather than fitting in which draws passerby in. View more View full description
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