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"ZHU·85 " is located in Guyan Painting Village in Lishui in the Jiangnan area. The homestay is surrounded by a lake and mountains. Here in the morning mist, a bamboo raft rises on the lake surface, which is full of poetry like a fairyland. At night, the glow of the sky dyes the sky red, and the time becomes quiet and soft. It is precisely because of this beautiful natural scenery that the hostel decided to take root here, named "Residence" also hope that guests can stop and stay here. This time, the hostel invited designer Shen Mo to create the third apartment in 85-July. The building of "ZHU · 85" is white in color, combined with the traditional "white wall and black tile" tradition of Jiangnan to innovate and integrated into the local building complex. The designer stacked the "wood cubes" one by one to make the building's façade have a sense of composition, and made a layer of internal retreat, using wood finishes and transparent glass materials to draw out the originally closed space. The balcony expands the horizon and strengthens the sense of hierarchy for the space. The original old building was piled with bricks. In order to better communicate with history, the designer retained the piled shape and made a hollow structure to become a modeling wall. View more View full description
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