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As the first domestic permanent exhibition space of the Kansong Art Museum, the Daegu Kansong Art Museum is expected to serve not only as an archive ofour national cultural heritage, but also as a national cultural landmark. Hence,it is the aim of this design competition to select an exceptional design for themuseum. In an open call for architects to be commissioned (commissioned architects)to participate in this project, local and overseas architects are eligible to apply.Three teams will be selected; they will join 3 other teams (1 local team; 2overseas teams), composed of appointed architects. Consequently, a sum totalof 6 teams will be selected to participate in the design competition. Appointed Architects: Alvaro Siza VieiraRichard RogersSeong-Ryeong Cho Location | 360-6 Samdeok-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu and its surrounding area(360-6, 360-7, 360-8)Lot Area | 24,073m2Gross Area | 7,600m2 View more View full description
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