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Overlooking 45 acres of farmland in the Catskills, Hass House is a playful reconfiguration of the traditional American side-gabled house. The design provides a diverse set of environments with expansive views out to the pastoral landscape from every space. We began with the creation of a linear “program bar” oriented on the north-south axis in order to take advantage of the site’s primary southern view and exposure.  The bar was then segmented into six equal blocks corresponding to each of the programmatic requirements: guest bedroom, entry, dining room, kitchen, living room, and master suite. By slightly shifting the entry and master suite blocks, a series of residual spaces developed along the length of the bar. A continuous gable roof was then placed on top of the entire reconfigured bar, allowing the negative spaces between the blocks to be used as covered outdoor spaces. In this way, each program type is connected to an outdoor space made accessible through floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, providing both visual and physical connections to the landscape from every room.   View more View full description
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