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Carnets. Architecture Is Just a Pretext is a publication that resumes a large research about the state of the art of young Architecture practices in Europe. The work, dealing with architectural practices through a biographic approach, is addressing to the new direction which profession is taking in Europe among young architects. Carnets is a research project started two years ago by eight architecture students from IUAV University of Venice. The aim is to investigate the current landscape of Architecture in Europe, after the 2008 economical crisis, through interviews, talks, round tables and workshops. The protagonists of this research are 30 young architecture offices from around Europe.The main purpose of the research is to investigate and discuss the conditions that surround the architect's figure, practice and role in the context of the contemporary world: its relationship to society, history and media through personal experiences, in the belief that Architecture is just a pretext. Throughout the two years of the completed research, Carnets has mainly consisted of an editorial project in the form of two fanzines, which have been distributed for free within IUAV University of Venice in two consecutive academic years. The two fanzines were composed of 15 folded A4 each, and each A4 paper issue, published weekly, containing a written interview to one architecture office, with a drawing of the practice's workspace. Students collected them progressively in order to form their personal Carnets. View more View full description
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