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Most architects can agree that they would prefer to spend more time designing and less time managing. Management is a vital role architects play, yet increased efficiency is always valuable. Whether it involves coordinating consultants or ensuring a job site is progressing to meet the contract documents, architects are in charge of orchestrating many moving parts throughout the life of a project. With an app like Archireport, architects can keep track of projects in the office or on site, wherever the work day may lead.  Notes, reports, and paperwork are all in one place, accessible to all project team members, and go wherever your smartphone goes. By creating a more seamless workflow, it eliminates busy work like transferring notes from phone to computer or drafting emails to keep everyone in the loop. Archireport allows users to sketch directly on site photos, pinpoint exact locations on plans to correspond to notes, and to attribute elements to a specific project or tradesperson. View more View full description
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