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The intention of the project was to explore a link between Miami’s mid-century modern architecture with the tradition of the Brazilian modern architecture. In the same creative way that the European modern architecture was interpreted in North America, there was an interpretation and recreation of this movement in South America. This connection is reinforced by Miami’s climatic and geographic characteristics – a sunny place and close to the tropical area. We established these bonds through the choice of pure geometric shapes, specially the cylinder and the circle, that are recurrent in both local and Brazilian modern architecture history, and also through the use of a light color palette, close to the white, another feature common to both traditions. Some important initial references were the Miami Beach Post Office, the work pieces from the Brazilian sculptor Sergio Camargo, the luminosity of American pools from David Hockney or even contemporaneous projects, sensitive to these recurrences, such as the Faena District from OMA, recently inaugurated in the city. View more View full description
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