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OMA revealed the KUBE, an installation located in front of the main entrance of K11 MUSEA, on Hong Kong’s waterfront. The multi-functional installation creates an urban landmark, amidst the dense skyline of the city, through very simple yet engaging geometry. Created to generate a unique and intimate place where people can gather and events can occur, the KUBE encourages the people passing by, the local community basically to stop and experience the city. Situated in front of the ten-story retail space K11 MUSEA, the project is an invitation for shoppers to take a break, enjoy the surrounding “and be fully present to experience the city”. Mixing commercial and cultural experiences, the compact project is at the same time a kiosk, an outdoor seating area, and an event space. The golden cube, that radiates and changes colors under different types of light, hosts a local artisan’s coffee brewery. The aluminum finishes that reflect the light, produce time-specific diverse visual aspects of the installation. In fact, the kiosk offers “visitors unique scenes at dawn and dusk, day and night”. View more View full description
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