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The project is located along Bygdøynesveien road, on the Bygdøy peninsula just outside Oslo. The area is characterized by residential buildings with large gardens and green spaces, as well as proximity to several well-known museums and landmarks. With its distinctive character, Bygdøy is a very attractive area in Oslo. The plot, a 16-acre English-style park, belonged to a New Baroque mansion that until 2012 was used as the Canadian ambassador's residence. The main house from 1916 and the central park area are regulated for the preservation of the cultural environment, while new buildings are allowed in rows of separate villas on each side of the park. Users. The target group of the BNV15 housing project is defined by a layer of solid economy that wants quality housing and proximity to Bygdøy and its qualities. The apartment mix provides the opportunity to adapt different types of households within this segment. The architecture uses solid materials that refer to qualitative living environments. Approach. View more View full description
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