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The primary concept for this multi-residential project is to create a sense of place using a terrace form typology reflective of its context. The council controls allowed for two stories for the area. An interpretation of ‘story’ within the council’s controls allowed for an attic form that presents to the streets as a roofing element and essentially provides for the third level in each apartment. The primary idea was to cut deep internal fissures into the building perpendicular to the street frontages to increase the surface area of light and ventilation into each dwelling. Typically apartment buildings have private open space located on street edges with privacy often compromised. Our design layers private open space deeper into the building form reducing the fishbowl effect and minimizing anonymous façadism. The lack of dependency on windows to the street allowed us to be more confident in using solidity and materiality. Each street frontage has been carefully broken down and eroded to produce a fine urban scale commensurate with the human body. Landscape helps fill in the gaps. View more View full description
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