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With experienced professionals in industrial constructive systems and entirely dedicated to research in the residential segment for five years, the startup SysHaus finds the solution to ponder factors that within the conventional construction are excluding: fast construction, high technical and esthetic quality and maximum respect towards the environment. Therefore, the Syshaus house, with 200m², reveals a new concept for the contemporary living, in which efficiency, convenience and sustainability are not only ideals, but effective practices. The structural system is composed by unique types of pillars, beams, connections and bolts that, once combined, result in different plan designs and programs, within a three-story limit, for flat or slope terrains. The external and internal coating, like floors, walls and ceilings, are also designed in order to enable the assembly through joints. Therefore, the house is entirely erected in the lot, without generating waste or consuming natural resources, such as water – widely wasted in conventional constructions. The period from planning to handing over the keys might be of six months. View more View full description
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