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Choosing the right lighting for any space can be a complex decision. Considerations need to be made with respect to the purpose, form and function of the lighting application. Design and aesthetics also play a role in the equation. With so many options for lighting on the market, it takes specialized knowledge and understanding to determine the best fit for your space. Even more challenging than finding lighting for a generic space, an art gallery or museum application can be difficult and even overwhelming to light properly. LED lighting has simplified a large chunk of lighting for art display. LED Lighting and Natural Sunlight: CRI and Color Temperature  Natural lighting is very important for displaying or producing art. Sunlight has the highest CRI (Color Rendering Index). CRI is the measurement of a light source’s capacity to accurately reveal the colors of various objects; the truest representation of the actual colors in the art piece. If natural lighting is inaccessible, LED lighting is as close to reproducing natural light as it gets. LED lighting mimics the properties of sunlight, specifically, CRI and light color temperature. View more View full description
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