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The Infonavit, through the "Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo Sostenible" (CIDS), with the aim of researching and experimenting with new social housing prototypes (especially aimed at rural self-production housing) developed the "Laboratorio de Investigación y Experimentación Práctica de Vivienda Infonavit" in Apan, Hidalgo. Our Prototype was designed for a dry temperate climate, characteristic of the state of Oaxaca.  We plan how to build a movable hábitat free of the market restrictions, as we believe that is a real social change for dwellings. What if the materials which make a house could be rented free of ownership and so could be purchased, exchanged or returned at any time instead of being a physical and economical burden for life? For that, we based our proposal on a scaffolding system for the structure of the house and its enclosure. Scaffolding is the most common cost-effective element in construction, allowing it to grow modularly in all directions, even in height, adjusting to the needs of the housing program. A dwelling that could grow but also shrink. Any change in the layout of spaces could easily be made by contacting an existing space or generating a new expansion and configuration.  View more View full description
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