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RAU Architects and Ex Interiors build a wooden 'cathedral’. The fully reconstructible Triodos Bank office is taking world firstsFriday 6 September, Triodos Bank's new, fully sustainable and circular office was officially delivered to the bank. RAU Architects and Ex Interiors have been commissioned by Triodos Bank and developer EDGE to design a fully reconstructible, wooden "cathedral" that sets the tone in a circular and sustainable manner worldwide. The office is the first large-scale, 100% wood, reconstructible office building. This building also serves as the first temporary material bank, and the CO2 footprint is minimal.    The composition and form of the five-story building (12,994 m2) are inspired by nature, the rhythm of the landscaped rooms in the surrounding estate and the flight paths of bats. The three transparent, uniform towers run from south to north and are alternately connected on the ground, first and second floors. This physical body provides a beautiful view for all employees daily. Because of its shape, three new "landscape rooms" are created between the edge of the forest and the building and create a diversity of new landscape qualities around it. The interior designed by Ex Interiors further reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape. View more View full description
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