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In the twentieth century the world was in movement. Cars replaced the horse carriages and sound took cinema by storm. The rhythm of the printing press (Karl Lemke) was brimming, railroad bridges were crossing over the pulsating cities and Free Dance stood for releasing of the mind, body and soul. The modern man was seeking out the beat of his time. Architects, like Mies van der Rohe reacted to it with the invention of the open room layout – for light, air and movement. Moholy-Nagy designed an object out of the light movement called the Light-Space Modulator. What has happened since then? The great dream of movement has been fulfilled. Yet it appears more and more and differently as imagined, a virtual one. For the exhibition MOVEMENT AS A DREAM the artist couple Ilya and Emilia Kabakov lead the open mind through abstract and mystic spaces. With the help of a turn rod as a spatial element and choreographic body movement, the artist duo from Hamburg, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, bring us closer to the contemporary body image. The charcoal drawing by the artist Sergei Tchoban fills the wall completely and presents us with glass spaces flowing like in a utopian dream. View more View full description
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