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In 2015, Barcelona based Addenda Architects won the international competition for the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, which received 830 entries. The most significant aspect of the pragmatic and austere design is the subtle reincarnation of the Bauhaus spirit, notably identified with Mies’ famous oxymoron “less is more”. Referring to some specific features of the Bauhaus school in Dessau – the glazed Curtain Wall, the two-story Bridge and the overall impression of transparency, lightness and plane surfaces – the new museum will embody a manifesto of contemporary culture that could most accurately be described as “low resolution at its best”. The new Bauhaus Museum Dessau links an iconographic heritage ("Less is More") with a manifesto of contemporary culture ("The Age of Less"). The new Bauhaus Museum Dessau is a clear and simple volume located between city and Park, construction and nature. Its position, a little set back from the former historic building line, suggests a continuation with the city urban legacy. The building has an intermediate urban scale, between the size of a building and the size of a city block. Its position and dimension act as a city limit, which demarcates city and Park. Its four facades, oriented towards the four cardinal points, reflect the qualities of its position. View more View full description
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