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The construction of a new 150,000m2, 320m tall tower is underway in  Guangzhou, China under the leadership of Mexican architect Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido: FGP Atelier. The project, titled the Guangzhou International Cultural Center (GICC), takes a holistic approach to design, combining architectural, engineering, environmental, functional, and technological principles to create a landmark for the ages.  The project builds on FGP Atelier’s legacy of designing vanguard office spaces focused on facilitating  and maximizing  human interaction. For the Guangzhou International Cultural Center, this will be achieved through a "tower campus,” made up of a plaza, an underground gallery connecting to the metro station, a lobby,  a multi-story book store, a sky lobby, and a sky club. FGP Atelier explains that the “the tower’s layout is inspired by the idea that knowledge sharing is an essential element to creating culture and culture is a path to understanding each other and through it we are better able to ascend the barriers between us and grow as human beings.” The building’s design creates a dynamic tension between the rectangular base and it’s culmination into a peak, and in between there are a series of terraces that offer city views. All of these terraces have screens to protect from wind and rain. This design touch was added to give the building a sense of cohesion on a grand scale. View more View full description
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