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The project of the house sought to make the most of the relationship with the site, surrounded by vegetation and with an intense relationship between the interior and exterior space. The site has a very steep slope and the house program requested was relatively small in relation to the size of the site. Thus, the house was deployed in the center of the lot and distributed on two levels. At the top, a winding slab creates spaces and houses the service, garage and collective use programs, all openly open to the outside. The design of the slab and some structural walls characterize the kitchen, living and leisure spaces without creating very rigid barriers between environments so that users can enjoy freedom, amplitude and great interaction between environments and programs of the house. The most intimate level, where a living space and four bedrooms are housed, is designed downstairs. Taking advantage of the slope of the land, its roof serves as a floor to a flat square upstairs and leaning against a retainer on one side, allows the opening and direct connection of rooms with a garden and a lakepond on the other. View more View full description
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